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Lube Oil Filtration

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Lube Oil
100 gallon per minute flow rate.
Constructed into a standard overseas 20’ shipping
150’ of suction and discharge hose.
3 Micron nominal inlet filter.
Full flow water separator/coalescing filter with automatic water drain.
Fittings, valves, filters, and sample bottles provided. ASME coded filter vessels.
Control panel with emergency stop.
Built into 4’steel containment with an inlet and discharge
sample station.
For 32 weight turbine oil only.
Powered by any 480 vac, 3 phase standard welding receptacle.
Connects to 60 amp welding receptacle with 100’ ext. cable.
Wired with lights, fans, receptacles, and phase rotation switch.
4’ Containment wall around the filtration skid.
Water and oil automatic sump, drains into 55 gal waste oil drums.
TDS operators available for 24 hour support and customer assistance.
ARP-598A oil analysis available.

This turbine oil-conditioner combines particulate and water removal system with a 100 gpm process rate. With water removal and high quality particulate filters, expectations of 150 ppm of total water and
an ISO 16/13 particulate level are realistic. This system is built into a
20’ overseas shipping container with a container weight of 18,000

pounds. Two Days will clean most all systems of suspended contamination to within OEM spec in 1-3 days. The system is used in a scavenging mode, filtering the oil from the tank and returning the
oil to the tank. TDS trained operators are available for 24 hour coverage or customer assistance with the unit in service or during an

Turbine Diagnostic Services
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