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TurboNet DASH along with our integral HMI (Human Machine Interface) is the control system that can effectively operate the balance of plant and turbine controls all in one cost effective package.

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TurboNet DASH

TurboNet DASH along with our integral HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides you a top notch control system. By using only the best, most effective hardware components, we guarantee results, whether we are making a smooth transition from your existing control system or installing a new one. With years of research and development this is available with the customization & capabilities the possibilities are endless to our customers. Turbine Diagnostic Services have an off the counter philosophy for are hardware and components. Custom components are for specialized functions HMI/EWS & Historian functions.

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System Boards & Module

TurboNet DASH
is our cutting edge control system software. With years of research and development behind it, TurboNet DASH is now the power generation industry standard. By combining the best features from many of the most popular systems with our new unique features, we have developed a very efficient, quick and easy time saving programs to continue & troubleshoot the system. The reliability of the Linux operating system provides a stable platform that does not lock up. Turbine Diagnostic Services has years of HMI operating time without requiring a reboot of the HMIor EWS processors. The control processors operate on an extremely reliable Linux operating system, a real time operating system used where reliability is a must.

Main Page
Graphical operator interface
Mouse or trackball driven
Left mouse clicks for normal operation
Right mouse clicks for special operation
Multi-unit capabilities
Automatic links to other pages
Drop down virtual keyboard
Keyboard not required for operation
Pointer change over active hot spots on display
Right mouse click on points provides option to view point definition data
Right mouse click on point provides optional link to point default graphics page
Four screens can be open at one time


Control graphics edited with custom graphics package program
Easy construction of graphics

Drag and drop/expand and customize
Unlimited capability and quantity
Self-documenting screen display and detailed printout
Drop down menu options
Graphical construction of screen displays
No editing of text files
Define colors, color changes, push button assignment
User defined point listing displays available on line
Screen changes and construction on line from EWS station

Controls, sequencing and algorithms programmed with custom graphics package
Choose from list of algorithms
Drag and drop and connect function
SAMA logic like blocks
Additional custom algorithms
Engineering changes made on line from EWS
Changes can be downloaded and implemented on line
Individual loops can be stopped, frozen and modified on line
Sequencing is broken into individual loop sheets for simplicity

Trending and Plotting
Long term trending from Historian
On board historian integral with system (optional)
Easy definition of trend duration
Data dump to Excel spreadsheets for reports
Real time trend available from right mouse click on point
Real time trend plots
X-Y plots for all variables vs. all variables
Polar plots for presentation of vibration data
Real time vibration plot presentation (1x polar, 2x polar, Bode, and shaft centerline plots)

Alarm Display

Alarm display with 1 second resolution
Multi-Level priority status
Color and sound coding
Graphics conversion program
Easy acknowledgment of alarms
Time and date stamping
Point definition data available with right mouse click

Turbine Diagnostic Services
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