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Turbine Generator Mechanical Maintenance

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Mechanical Maintenance

Steam & Gas
Forced Outage Response
Job Management & Outage Planning
Technical Direction
Contract Maintenance
Steam Turbine Major & Minor Inspections
Combustion System, Hot Gas Path,
and Gas Turbine Major Inspections
Valve Inspections
Generator Maintenance
Installations and Relocation

Turbine Diagnostic Services has a successful record of major and minor inspections on large and medium steam turbines, gas turbines and generators. Turbine Diagnostic Services will provide contract maintenance for major inspections or minor valve inspections on medium (industrial) and large (utility) steam turbine generators. Gas turbine contract maintenance is also available for combustion, hot gas path, and major inspections of small to large land based frame gas turbines. Turbine Diagnostic Services is experienced in the current large gas turbine construction and maintenance practices.
Along with the mechanical maintenance capability, the Turbine Diagnostic Services knowledge of turbine generator controls, excitation controls, generator inspection & testing, operation, start up, troubleshooting, oil filtration, vibration analysis and multi-plane balancing services.

Turbine Diagnostic Services has experienced turbine mechanical engineers and mechanical service representatives that are knowledgeable in the mechanical assembly of medium (industrial size), large (utility size) steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators. Turbine Diagnostic Services has an experienced millwright labor force to man contract and forced outage services. Our crew is turbine generators experienced and are annually safety trained at the Florida Phosphate Contractor Safety Training.

Turbine Diagnostic Services is available 24 hours per day to respond to customer emergency calls for mechanical breakdowns.
24 Hour Emergency Service
Phone Number:
(813) 969-0972 or (877) 969-0972 Toll Free

Turbine Diagnostic Services has mobile turbine tool sets, rigging, rotor stands, valve rack stands, cribbing, work tables and supplies to support the largest of steam turbine generator outages. Our organized tool set and maintenance equipment provides a professional work site set up.
Turbine Diagnostic Services has a portable lube oil filter skid which provides a method of quick system clean up during an outage, during times of troubled operation, and during lube oil system flushing.
Turbine Diagnostic Services provides all levels of outage support for customer needs. Turbine Diagnostic Services can provide job management, technical direction, scheduling, planning, and manpower required to conduct a complete steam or gas turbine major inspection, or any portion of the process which the customer may require assistance. Turbine Diagnostic Services has associated subcontractor services for grit blasting, scaffolding, cranes, NDE; bore scope inspections, steam path audit, and other outage support shop and field repairs. Turbine Diagnostic Services works closely with the turbine generator service shops to obtain a competitive involvement of the shops for repair services. TDS is aware of the aftermarket turbine parts vendors and can assist with the procurement of the outage parts through the customers purchasing department.

Turbine Diagnostic Services
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